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La Estrella

Welcome to La Estrella Project, a truly unique and unforgettable floating island that mixes residential and office programs.

La Estrella Project is designed to highlight the uses and advantages of high tech for floating buildings!

La Estrella - Exterior render - Plan view.png

The proposal is possible due to a series of elements: location, multiple bio-inspiration concept design, operations, a polytifunctional hybrid cell, zoning and high tech.

A place where you can enjoy the marvels of the sea as a community while living the day-to-day activities.

La Estrella - Exterior render 1.png
La Estrella - Exterior render 8.png

A place where you can work, live or both, as it provides a central space for community activities and two types of housing, The Dome House (See More) and The Ark House (See More).

It is a design thought for outside of Cartagena between the main city and Serena del Mar.

La Estrella - Location.png
La Estrella - Design concept.png

With a multiple bio-inspiration concept design based on organic forms and living sea creatures.

For the configuration of the island, the morphology of the starfish is used, locating a series of volumes with differences in height that gives it a hierarchy of radial order.

La Estrella - Design operations.png
La Estrella - Polyfunctional hybrid cell.png

A polyfunctional hybrid cell is determined on which the mixed residential and office uses are distributed along with the geometries for each type of building.

The zoning of uses by building is carried out, distinguishing the special relationships between them and the sea.

La Estrella - Zoning diagram.png
La Estrella - Solar energy technical diagram.png

The high-tech character used in the project is highlighted, each module especially has solar energy thanks to photovoltaic cells implemented and integrated into their surfaces in a Voronoi turtle shell pattern

If you were to either work, live or visit La Estrella you would be experiencing, just a few metres away from shore, not only great sunrises and sunsets but a whole new concept for a floating village.

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