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La Estrella - Ark house - Livingroom area.jpg

Ark House

Welcome to the Ark House, a truly unique and unforgettable housing type part of La Estrella (See More) residential use.

The Ark House is designed to highlight the uses and advantages of high tech for floating buildings!

La Estrella - Ark House - Perspective - clear envelope.png

It is a design that integrates within the thought island outside of Cartagena between the main city and Serena del Mar.

It makes reference to the Building C typology (Small-Size Buildings) in the Polyfunctional Hybrid Cell.

La Estrella - Ark House - Perspective - No envelope.png
La Estrella - Ark house - floor plans - Render.png

The design consists of a two floors building, round in shape, and with a 12m diameter which includes kitchen, living room (First Floor), bedroom and bathroom (Second Floor).

Areas coexist in the same space in each of the house floors, for which the furniture is arranged in a perimeter way allowing its separation and distinction.

La Estrella - Ark House - Section.png
La Estrella - Ark house - Livingroom area.jpg

Bio-Inspiration will be found on different house details such as its stingray shape, the ark´s skin with a Voronoi turtle shell pattern, or space divisions with shark fins forms.

If you were to live in the Ark House you would experience not only being part of La Estrella community, but also enjoy the sea wonders surrounding your living space that are also reflected in the design of your rooms. 

La Estrella - Ark house - Kitchen area.jpg
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