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Large Floating Chappel

Large Chappel

Welcome to Large Chappel, a truly unique and unforgettable floating chapel destined for hot weather and seafront surroundings.

The Large Chappel is designed to be the perfect wedding venue that includes its own reception area!

Large Floating Chappel - Back view

This floating structure is characterized by its elegant simplicity accompanied by special details.

Square in shape both in plan and in its windows, it stands out for its hipped roof and lighting.

Large Floating Chappel - Perspective
Large Floating Chappel - Exterior

The access is made up of a linear pier that culminates in the floating structure that complements the panorama of the seafront.

Inside we find a spacious, versatile space, whose finishes give a cozy feeling to celebrate marriages.

Large Floating Chappel - Interior
Large Floating Chappel - Access

The pier through which you enter becomes the aisle that will take the guests to their seats and the couple to the altar.

To give an additional touch to the altar, it goes up a step and its central window differs from the others by having an arched shape at the top, making it a focal point of attention.

Large Floating Chappel - Wedding altar
Large Floating Chappel - Wedding guests

Seating for guests is arranged on both sides of the aisle in alignment with the large side windows.

The spaces to the sides of the altar are intended for the photographers and live music of the event.

Large Floating Chappel - Live Music
Large Floating Chappel - Wedding reception

On the other side of the pier leading to the chapel is a large space for the wedding reception, with a dance floor platform in the middle around which tables are arranged.

If you were to visit this floating chapel you would not only be able to experience a wedding in front of the sea, but you would also celebrate the reception of the special day right there.

Large Floating Chappel - Event
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