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La Luna de Barranquilla

Estercita Forero said it first! La Luna de Barranquilla (Barranquilla's moon) has something...something that makes people fall in love with it! Seaphia's floating amphitheater and shopping center is no exception! La Luna de Barranquilla, with its attractive architecture, seeks to highlight the best of Barranquilla's traditional culture.

The Barranquilla´s Moon Theatre is designed to combine traditional local culture with modern architecture!

2.The Moon of Barranquilla.jpg

The project was designed to be located in the Ciénaga de Mallorquín de Barranquilla, considering how this and its social spaces can be a bridge that connects leisure activities near the city's water bodies.

This could be a popular destination for those who exercise on the Malecón del Río and want to relax with a natural juice surrounded by a mangrove forest. It would be reached by solar boats or "canotaxis."

5.The Moon of Barranquilla.jpg
1.The Moon of Barranquilla.jpg

During the night, Barranquilla´s Moon can serve as a space to present plays, carnival presentations, and other types of nocturnal activities.

This building has a stained glass window that refers to the carnival of Barranquilla and its culture.

4.The Moon of Barranquilla.jpg
3.The Moon of Barranquilla.jpg

If you were to visit this floating amphitheatre you would experience one of the most striking traditional cultures in Colombia through new modern technological spaces.

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