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Floating Daylight Chappel

Daylight Chappel

Welcome to Daylight Chappel, a truly unique and unforgettable floating chapel with large crystals and colorful stained glass windows.

The Daylight Chappel is designed to present itself as an impressive and majestic structure!

Floating Daylight Chappel - Color glass and windows

Its glass walls allow a panoramic view of the natural environment that surrounds it, with the sun shining through the stained glass windows, creating a spectacle of lights and colors inside.

At one end of the chapel is a colorful stained glass window that adds a vibrant explosion of color to the environment and draws attention to the altar.

Floating Daylight Chappel - Altar
Floating Daylight Chappel - Access

The wooden ceiling adds a warm and rustic touch to the structure, creating a pleasant contrast with the glass and metal of the rest of the chapel.

Next to the chapel, there is a large event room that has a wooden ceiling without large walls to allow you to enjoy the panoramic views of the natural environment.

Floating Daylight Chappel - Perspective
Floating Daylight Chappel - Events

This space offers the possibility of holding different types of events, such as weddings, religious ceremonies.

It also includes a public space with vegetation that adds a natural and harmonious touch to the structure.

Floating Daylight Chappel - Events connection
Floating Daylight Chappel - Top View

If you were to visit this floating chapel you would enjoy the experience a perfect fusion between the natural beauty of the environment and modern architecture, creating a calm and relaxing environment.

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